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Pharmacies in Tirupati

Tirupati a small city witnessing thousands of tourists every year. The city is still developing and is well known for Hindu temples. There are many pharmaceutical companies located in and near Tirupati like Glory Pharma Chem India Pvt Ltd., Shivani Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Medix Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd., etc. Indians do believe in Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment and so the ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines are also sold in specific ayurvedic and homeopathic medical retail stores in Tirupati. Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic medical pharmacies located in the city of Tirupati are listed below.
Medical Stores in Tirupati

Medical Stores in Tirupati

Amrita Ayurvedic Medicals Tirupati
Ramulavari Gudi Street, Near West Police Station, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2220524

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
12-3-330,Tilak Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252314 

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
114/B, T.K. Street, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2253319

 Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
18-1-505,VV Mahal Road, D.NO.19-16-50/D,D.R Mahal Road Circle, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 22255279

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No.19-9-29/2a,Tiruchanur Road, Sankaramadi Circle, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2255379

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
246/1, Shop No.8-66-2b, R.C.Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2246226  

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
Dno:12-3-328&329, Near Nalugu Kalla Mandapam, Tilak Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252314

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
6-1-68/B8, Beside Andhra Bank , K T Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2235222

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No.1-2-120-D, Municipal Ward No.1, Opp Town Club Balaji Colony , Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2260088

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
Door No:10-14-575/A,Shop No:9, Opp.Muncipal Office, Tilak Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252199

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
3-85, Tiruchanoor Road, Near Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2238089

Apollo Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No: 8/1/149, Prakasam Road, Near Aptech Computer Education, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2254000

Achyutha Medicals Tirupati
14/3/306-A, Dr Mahal Road, Near Big Cinemas, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2222077

Arogya Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No: 20-1-201, Maruthi Nagar, Korlagunta, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 08772221014,9440898010

Babu Medical Agencies Tirupati
18-1-612/B, Doddapuram Street, Mayuri Sweet Shop,Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2221015

Balaji Vaccine House Tirupati
206 Kota Kommala Street, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2226277  

Chola Medicos Tirupati
7-5- 175 Konka Street, T.K.Street, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 5562415

Charaka Ayurvedic Tirupati
Doddapuram Street, Near Sri Venkatasai Homoeo Medical Stores, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2231644,9849052351

Deepthi Medicals Tirupati
D.No: 18-1-647, Bhavani Nagar, Opp Om Childrens Hospitals, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2253473

Dnr Pharmacy Tirupati
19-8-9d Hathiramji Colony, Near Hathiramji Colony Bus Stand, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 224107

Esi Hospital Pharmacy Tirupati
12-41-2 Near Bairagipatteda Police Station, Bairagipatteda, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2242501,2242967

First Pharma Services Distributors Tirupati
10-13-508/B Reddy And Reddy Colony, Opp Municipal Office, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2221680

Galaxy Medical Distributors Tirupati
500/C,Irla Nagar, Near Thyagaraja Mandapam, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2287177,9949720077

Harshita Medicals Tirupati
10-13-568, Reddy And Reddy Colony, Near Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2255357

Heteropharmacy Tirupati
1-2-125, Balaji Colony, Near Town Club, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289080, 6456148

Heteropharmacy Tirupati
D.No. 333 B,T K Street, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289083,6456147

Heteropharmacy Tirupati
15-1-71, G-Car Street, Near 4 Legs Mandapam, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289081

Heteropharmacy Tirupati
D.No. 8-156, M.R.Palli Circle, Opp. More Super Market, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289084, 6454971

Hetero-pharmacy Tirupati
D.No.6-8-1067/A(New), Srinivasa Nagar, Ngo's Colony,K.T. Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289085, 6454972

Heteropharmacy Tirupati
D.No: 575/A, Pmr Complex, Near Khajana Jewellary, V.V. Mahal Road, Tilak Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2289082

Himalaya Herbal Health Care Tirupati
Ground Floor, Shop No.6, Municipal Complex, Prakasham Road, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 222 3059

Jagadish Medicals Tirupati
Bazaar Street, Near Ramulavari Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2227718,134

Jayalakshmi Medicals Tirupati
10-15-75, Near Vv Mahal, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2220589

Keerthi Medicals Tirupati
7-4-119 Sri Ramulavari Sannidhi Street, Balaji Colony, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2222201

Krishna Reddy Medicals Tirupati
490-B Reddy And Reddy Colony, Near Chandana Ramesh Shopping Mall, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2222344

Lokesh Medical Agencies Distributors Tirupati
10-15-179/3,Kk Layout, Near Videocon Service Centre, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252162

Madhu Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No: 6-1-69 Varadaraja Nagar, Near Andhra Bank, Tirupati

Maheswari Medical & Surgicals Tirupati
No.228.Mitta Street, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2220706

Manas Pharmacy Tirupati
D.No: 9/15 Mr Palli Road, Amaravathi Nagar, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2244467

Manohar Medicals Tirupati
18-1-417, Bhavani Nagar, Near Oxford Public School, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229626

Medplus Tirupati
D No: 6-2-77, Balaji Colony, Near Ttd Information Centres, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2287164

Medplus Tirupati
D.No6-79 Vasavi Nagar, Mr Palli, Near Rama Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2240164

Medplus Tirupati
D.No: 4-1-143-C2, Patnool Street, Near Bank Of India, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2286194

Medplus Tirupati
D.No: 8-66-8, Rc Road, Near Hanuman Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2244164

Nava Jeevan Pharmacy Tirupati
2-20, Tiruchanoor Road, Near Sindhu Internationl Hotel, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2239992

New Pecso Enterprises Tirupati
Kk Layout, Near Ramulavari Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2221466

Om Medical Agencies Tirupati
10/5/260-A Doddapuram Street, Near Srinivasa Theatre, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2220329

Positivehomeopathy Tirupati
Beside Bhuma Cine Complex, Opp Vijaya Bank, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 6455594

Prasanthi Medicals, Tirupati
10-3-206, Kotakomala Street, Behind Icici Bank, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2228579

Prashanth Medicals Tirupati
410-F,Tilak Road, Opp State Bank Of India, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2254333

Radha Narayana Pharmacy Tirupati
19-4-395, Bairagipatteda, Near All India Radio Office, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2240522

Ravi Teja Medicals Tirupati
485-A,Irla Nagar, Opp: Vinayaka Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2223218

Rk Pahrma Tirupati
D.No:255-A Dodda Puram Street, Near Kjecs English Medium High School, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2228610

Sai Murali Medical Agencies Tirupati
10-3-189,Kk Layout, Near Ramulavari Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252111

S.G. Surgicals Tirupati
150, A1 Gopi Complex, Sai Ram Street, T. Nagar, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2287022

Sri Balaji Medicals And Surgical Distributors Tirupati
410-15-38, Kk Layout, Opp Bhanu Colour Lab, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 6668386

Sri Krishna Pharmacy Tirupati
10-15-18a,Kk Layout, Near Ramulavari Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 6668886

Sree Latha Nimss Medical&Surgical Tirupati
Room No.1 Municipal Shopping Complex, Opp Svims Entrance, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2288008

Sai Murali Med Agencies Tirupati
10/5/257 Doddapuram Street, Tk Street, Near Konda Reddy Nursing Home, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2255589

Sri Naveen Roja Medical Enterprises Tirupati
10-12-39 Doddapuram Street, Tk Street,Near Vet Pharma Agencies, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252867

Naveen Dental Super Speciality Hospital Pharmacy
Nehru Nagar, Tirupati, Ap 517501 
0877 228 7887

Sri Padmavathi Medicals Tirupati
Bazaar Street, Near Rama Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229907

Sri Sai Tirupati
513c,Tilak Road, Near Tirupati Provision Store, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 6669515

Sri Sai Srinivasa Medicals Tirupati
10-14-587/A, Vv Mahal Road, Near Vv Mahal, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2221883

Sri Sai Ram Medical Agencies Tirupati
242 Doddapuram Street, Near Srinivasa Theatre, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229163

Sri Sai Sandeep Medical Agencies Tirupati
10-3-219,Kk Layout, Near Ramulavari Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2256922

Sri Sai Sudha Medicals Tirupati
Reddy And Reddy Colony, Near Rk Photo Studio, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2227020,521

Sri Ramachandra Tirupati
1-56, Akkarampalli, Near Andhra Bank, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2283235,9848621009

Sri Srinivasa Medicals Tirupati
19 Tuda Complex, Rc Rd,Opp Tirupati Radio Station, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2241343

Srinivasa Ayurvedic Tirupati
154,Nethaji Road, Near State Bank Of India Atm, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2240588

Sri Vasavi Enterprises Distributors Tirupati
10-3-206/10, Near Konda Reddy Nursing Home, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2251848

Sri Venkatadri Medical Agencies Tirupati
10-30-202b, Kk Layout, Near Vinayaka Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2222096

Sri Venkata Lakshmi Medical Agencies Tirupati
10-13-441/A,Kk Layout, Near Sri Vinayaka Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2252081

Sri Venkatasai Homoeo Medical Stores Tirupati
10-11-385, Doddapuram Street, Tirupati
Mobile: 9441074957

Sri Raghavendra Medical Agencies Tirupati
202-C Kota Komala Street, Near Sri Chakra Electronics, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229046

Sri Ramadevi Tirupati
Sri Ramadevi Hospital 82 Sai Ram Street, Bhavani Nagar,Near Anjeneya Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2287437

Sri Tirumala Medicals Tirupati
170/A 2, Tk Street, Near Surya Medicals, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229013

Sri Triveni Enterprises Tirupati
10-3-192,Kotakommala Street, Near Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2227832

Sun Medical Syndicate Tirupati
13-7-933, Korlagunta, Near Lg Service Centre, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2229757

Surya Medicals Tirupati
D.No: 170-A,Tk Street, Near Sri Tirumala Medicals, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2220614

Subramanyeswara Agencies Tirupati
51 Tuda Plots, Rc Road, Near Dhanalakshmi Bank, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2240937

Sri Usha Medical Distributors Tirupati
7-6-293, Mada Street, Near Apollo Pharmacy, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2228958

Sv Medical Tirupati
D.No: 18-1-589/B,Bhavani Nagar, Near Sri Venkateswara Children's High School, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2221077

Swarnamurtha Pharmacy Tirupati
Swarnamurtha Hospital 91 Mh Rd, Bhavani Nagar, Near Balamandir , Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2286602

Swetha Children Hospital Pharmacy Tirupati
18-1-664,Bhavani Nagar, Near Anjaneya Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2222228

Venkatramana Pharmacy Tirupati
10-13-533, Reddy And Reddy Colony, Near Rk Photo Studio, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2258183

Vennela Pharmacy Tirupati
502-B Kt Road, Bhavani Nagar,Near State Bank Of India, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2228266

Venus Med Agencies Tirupati
10-13-444 1st Floor,Kotakommala Street, Near Balramraju Hospital, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2226456,9849759456

Vet Pharma Agencies Tirupati
10-12-394a,Doddapuram Street, Near Ganesh Temple, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2225616

Vijaya Medical Agencies Tirupati
258 Doddapuram Street,Tk Street, Near Golden Plaza, Tirupati
Phone: +91877 2227009,258

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