Facilities by TTD at Tirupati-Tirumala

Tirumala Tirupati Devastanamulu (TTD) has made arrangements for pilgrims to make their journey comfortable and memorable. The facilities provided by TTD includes the following-

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Accommodation
  • Darshan
  • Communication
  • Vows
  • Others

Summer Special Darshan of Tirupati

Huge crowd of pilgrims visit Tirupati-Tirumala in summer season. The temperature of the place is at peak in summers. TTD has made special arrangements for visitors during summer.

Facilities provided by TTD during summer includes -

  • Additional first aid centres in the Vaikuntam Queue Complex II, Pilgrim Amenities Complex and Sudarshan Counters
  • Drinking water in  Sudarshan Counters, Kalyana Katta, Vaikuntam Queue Complexes I and II
  • Deployment of 125 members of the Bharath Scouts and Guides at Choultries, Vaikuntam Queue Complexes I and II, Varaha Swamy temple, and other places in Tirumala


TTD has introduced facility of transportation to manage the crowd and to make the travelling of pilgrims in organized manner.

The TTD offers the following transportation facilities for pilgrim like-

  • Free Bus Service
  • Railway Booking Office
  • Automobile Clinic
  • Package Tours

Free Bus Service


The free bus service facility is available for pilgrim to travel from Tirupati (railway station) to Alipiri. The frequency of these APSRTC buses is 30minutes. These buses are used by Pilgrims who aim to reach temple on foot.
Railway Station To Alipiri
Railway Station To Srivari Mettu.

Automobile Clinic

The road that leads to the temple is hilly and so the vehicles that are driven up the hill may need road side assistance. TTD has arranged help on road for vehicle breakdown which can be reached either via contacting Tirupati or Tirumala Toll gate or by calling 0877-2263636. This is a chargeable facility where the mobile van mechanic provides service as per the requirement and the charges are as per the repair work.

Tirupati to Tirumala Journey

The two options open for pilgrim is to either travel uphill via on road vehicle or on foot.

By Road

The road that runs from Tirupati to Tirumala is maintained regularly. As the driving becomes tougher uphill the good conditioned road helps pilgrims reach the destination safely and on time. The traffic on road is same round the year and so to avoid accidents the AC Vehicles are not allowed to take the passengers up the hill. They are being transferred to non AC APSRTC buses and are taken up the hill. The passengers while returning return in their AC vehicles.

The APSRTC non-ac buses run from foot Hill or Toll gate to Uphill in every two minutes from 3AM to 12AM. The APSRTC bus fare is as follows-

Adults - Rs. 30.00 per head
Children - Rs. 15.00 per head

The pilgrims can purchase the return ticket to Tirupati while onward journey. The validity of the ticket is of three days for any APSRTC bus.

On special occasions like Brahamoutsav, new year, etc the bus service is provided round the clock every minute.

APSRTC also gives the option of group booking. The contract carriage or bus which houses 45persons at most is hired at the cost of Rs.900/-. The booking of bus can be done on the spot in Tirupati or in advance. 

The four bus stands or stations location in Tirupati are as follows-

Sri Venkateswara Bus Station (SVBS): Located opposite to the railway station. On the arrival of train the buses are stationed in front of the main gate of railway station.

Balaji Link Bus Station (BLBS): The pilgrims arriving from Karnataka can opt for the APSRTC bus at this bus station which is at Alipri. The parking facility of the private vehicle or bus or van is available near the bus station.

Sapthagiri Link Bus Station (SLBS): The bus station is located at Central Bus station complex which receives the passengers from Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, etc.

Sri Padmavathi Bus Station (SPBS): The station receives the passengers of tourist buses is located near railway station.

Safety Tip by TTD-

The TTD safety tip for pilgrims is to use the APSRTC buses from Tirupati to Tirumala. The buses of the APSRTC are run by trained and experienced drivers.

TTD warning for self driven private vehicles is to drive safely on hair-pin turns.

On Foot

The on foot journey towards the Tirumala temple can be done using either of two pathways that is from Alipiri (commonly used - 11km) or Chandragiri (Srivari Mettu – 6km). The pathway is known as Sopanamargas.

Facility for on foot pilgrims are as follows-

  • Token can be taken from Gali Gopuram or Srivari Mettu.
  • Bio-Metric counters for free darshan, free accommodation (P.A.C.) and free food facilities at Tirumala.
  • Free APSRTC buses.


The holy places Tirupati-Tirumala is visited by millions of pilgrims every year. To stay back in the city one may find many private hotels and lodges. TTD has invested in making place for pleasant stay of pilgrim, in Tirupati-Tirumala. The accommodation made available by TTD for pilgrims includes 5000 cottages, guest houses and waiting areas by charitable trusts. In government places the food and stay is at subsidized rates.

The free stay facility for pilgrims is also available in Tirupati-Tirumala, provided by TTD.  As the pilgrims are numerous, so there are Public Amenities Complexes under TTD which provides pilgrims the facility of free locker and dormitory accommodation.

To Book Accommodation or Sevas Online or for donation click here

Accommodation at Tirumala

Computerized allotment of cottages to pilgrims at Tirumala is done at the Central Reception Office, Tirumala. Online booking service is available for accommodation and sevas in advance for both free and paid accommodation.

For more details about booking confirmation click here

For more details about booking free or paid accommodation click here or contact 0877-2263626

Food Facility

Sri Venkateswara Canteen Complex, SV Canteen Complex, etc are built to serve pilgrims the free food from 10:00am to 11:00pm daily. The facility can be availed on producing the free meal coupons distributed inside the temple.


Tirupati-Balaji Darshan

Facilities for pilgrims

  • Transportation of luggage free of cost to Tirumala (Token system: deposit at toll gate and collect it from Central reception office, Tirumala)
  • Drinking water along the footpath
  • Toilets
  • Shelters for resting
  • Constant patrolling system for security of pilgrims
  • Televisions for direct relay of temple programs
  • 24x7 medical facilities
  • Canteens for food and beverages

Tonsuring - Kalyana Katta

Tonsure vows are done by pilgrims at Kalyana Katta for free of cost. Numerous people come for tonsure including ladies, gents and kids round the clock for which more than 500 barbers have been arranged. On occasions numbers of barbers are increased. Token system has been introduced in order to manage the crowd.
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Angapradakshinam is a type of vow done by devotees by lying on the floor and roll towards the temple from Vimana Pradikshanam. Starts at 2:00am in special queue and is restricted on important days and crowded days.

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Tulabharam is a vow done by pilgrim by offering coins or other items equivalent to one’s weight.

For more details about the process click here


Niluvudopidi done by pilgrim is a way of completing their vows by offering ornaments currently worn by the pilgrim.

Medical Facility

Medical Facility

There are many hospitals, dispensaries, and first aid team under TTD which work day and night for pilgrims at Tirupati, Tirumala and Tiruchanoor.

List of Hospitals and Dispensaries listed under TTD are:-

  • Aswini Hospital near Seshadri Nagar in Tirumala (Free medical aid for pilgrim)
  • Dispensary at the Vaikuntam Queue Complex, Tirumala
  • Employees Dispensary in Tirumala
  • Dispensary at INC, Tirupati
  • Dispensary at Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, Tiruchanoor
  • Dispensary in Bairagipatteda

Medical Facility in Tirupati:

  • Central Hospital, Tirupati
  • Health Centre at Padmavathi Women's College, Tirupati
  • Sri Venkateswara Institute for Medical Sciences - A superspeciality hospital
  • Balaji Institute of Surgery, Rehabilitation & Research for the Disabled
  • Sri Venkateswara Poor Home
  • Sri Venkateswara Ayurvedic College & Hospital
  • Sri Srinivasa Ayurveda Pharmacy

Health and Sanitation

TTD maintains the hygiene by regular inspection of food at all the food outlets in Tirumala-Tirupati. Quality control department regularly keep check on water supplied in the city. Preventive measures are taken to control the spread of contagious diseases.

Other Facilities by TTD

At Tirumala:

Marriage Halls
Four large marriage halls with modern cooking facilities at Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam, Tiruchanoor Road, Tirupati, and three marriage halls at Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam in same area are available at reasonable rate.

  • Prasadam
  • Sale of Dollars 
  • Sale of Publications

Purohit Sangham
To conduct rituals like sankalpam, namakarana, chaulam, upanayanam, kalyanam and pinda prasadam at Tirumala TTD has arranged purohits.

Location: The Purohit Sangham, Sudarshan Choultry,opposite to the Central Reception Office, Tirumala
Phone: 0877 – 2263433 / 2263326

Security personnel are appointed at almost all the areas of Tirupati-Tirumala by TTD.
Kalyana Mandapams and Information Centres
Kalyana Mandapams and Information Centres can be reached easily as they are made available in different cities of India.

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