Utilities and Services in Tirupati

India is a country where one may get to see thousands of people following different religions and staying together. In the “Land of Religion” approximately 80% of the population follows Hindu religion. In the state of Andhra Pradesh there is a small town named Tirupati-Tirumala which is one of the major holy city of Hindu religion followers. Millions of people including NRI visitors visit this holy town round the year.

The town comes under the jurisdiction of Chittoor district. As per the visitors and residents requirement there are basic facilities made available in the town like Post Office, Legal Services, Aadhar Card Centers, Foreign Exchange, etc.

Below is the list of Post Offices in Tirupathi, Legal Services in Tirupathi, Passport Office in Tirupathi, Aadhar Card Service in Tirupathi and Foreign Currency Exchange in Tirupathi.

Services in Tirupati

Post Offices in Tirupati

The service of speed post, money order, mails, financial services, etc can be availed in the post offices of Tirupathi.

Below is the list of Post Offices in Tirupati with PIN Code:-

Tirupati Bazar S.O: 517501
Tirupati East S.O: 517501
Tirupati H.O: 517501
Tirupati North S.O: 517507
Tirupati South S.O: 517501
Tirupati West S.O: 517501
Tirumala Kuppam B.O: 517584
Tirumala North B.O: 517504
Tirumala S.O (Chittoor): 517504

Passport Office in Tirupati

The service of applying for passport, renewal, etc can be availed in the Passport Service located in the Tirupati town.

Below is the address of Passport Office in Tirupathi:-

Passport Seva Kendra Tirupathi
Address: D.No: 19-4-9, R101 to 105, Prince Avenue, Annamaya Marg, Tirupathi-517501

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PAN Card Offices in Tirupati

In India the government of India has made it mandatory for every individual doing financial transactions to have PAN card. The Permanent Account Number is of ten digit which is issued by income tax department of India. The PAN card is issued both to Indian residents and Foreign residents investing or doing financial deals in India. The form for both are different and fees is Rs.105/- for Indian communication address and Rs.971/- for foreign communication address. The normal dispatch of the PAN card is done in 15-25days.
Toll Free Number- 1800220306

PAN Card

Hyderabad Office
Address: Uti Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited, Surabhi Arcade, 1st Floor, 5-1-664, 665 And 669, Bank Street, Hyderabad - 500001
Branch Incharge/ Contact Persons: Shri Surendra Goud
Phone: (040) 24731626 / 24731627/ 64571699
Email Id: [email protected]

Uti Centre Id: 5ap73062
Address: Gupthas Pancard Services Flat No 3c,3rd Floor, A Blockjsk Towers, Korlaguntamaruthi Nagar Andhra Pradesh, 517501
Phone: 0877-2280925/ 9849124470/99393721175

Uti Centre Id: 5apb222
Address: Shri Pathi Chandraiah, Chief Representative, Uti Mutual Fund388, Bandla Streettirupathi Andhra Pradesh, 517501
Phone: 0877-2225176/ 9440247126
Email Id: [email protected]

Uti Centre Id: 3tnv038
Address: M/S Repco Bank Ltd. No. 25-G, Car Street(Opp. To Tirupati Coop. Bank)Tirupati Andhra Pradesh, 517501
Phone: 0877 – 2258802/ 9490181510

Uti Centre Id: 5ap73296
Address: Horus Financial Services, 18-144/A Ist Floor K T Roadanna Rao Circleopp Sapthagiri Grameena Bank Andhra Pradesh, 517501
Phone: 0877 – 6544144/ 9966250111
Email Id: [email protected]

Uti Centre Id: 5apa136
Address: Tirupati-Isw Utiitslfirst Floor, No: 6-2-85a, Old Mh Road Andhra Pradesh, 517501
Phone: 9789065472
Email Id: [email protected]

UIDAI – Aadhaar Card/Indian Identity Card

An Identity card introduced by the government of India for Indian residents is Aadhar Card which was introduced as a citizenship card in making of which the government gets all the details including the biometric details of an individual Indian Citizen. At the beginning the government opened many centers for enrollment but now the numbers of centers have been reduced.

Below is the address of Aadhar Card Enrollment Centre in Tirupathi:-

UIDAI Tirupati Office
Location: Tirupati (rural) of Chittoor(Urban) District
Phone: 9030444505
Contact Person - N Dinesh
Center Information Address: Tirupathi Muncipal Office, Tirupati (rural), Chittoor, Andhra pradesh - 517501

UIDAI Regional Office
5th Floor, Block - III, My Home Hub Madhapur,
Hyderabad - 500 081

Grievance Cell Number: 040-23119266

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Legal Service in Tirupathi

As the town of Tirupathi-Tirumala witnesses people from different regions the law and order of the town has to be maintained for which the Legal Service is available in the town.

Below are the details of Legal Service in Tirupathi:-

II Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class, Tirupathi: Sri Chitti Reddeppa
Phone: 9885594158

III Addl. Judicial Magistrate of First Class, Tirupathi: Sri S.Suresh Kumar
Phone: 9030223438

IV Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class, Tirupathi: Sri G.Venugopal
Phone: 9393212108

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Foreign Currency Exchange in Tirupati

The town of Tirupathi – Tirumala witnesses thousands of NRI they can exchange their Foreign Currency at different Foreign Exchange centers located in different areas of the town. The temple of Tirupati-Tirumala also receives donation in foreign currency.

List of few Foreign Currency Exchange Centers in Tirupathi – Tirumala:-

Gandhi Road, Near Krishnapuram Thana, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-23258387

P B No 24 293 Gandhi Road, Tirupathi Branch Code T036, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-2222199

Tilak Road. Tirupathi, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-0877-2286002

H No 20 2 678 1 St Floor, Korla Gunta Junction, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-6584247

10 2 138 A 1 T K Street, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-2222395

Tirupati Bazar, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-2289801

Tirupati A P 40375, Pb No 102 Padmalaya 564 C, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-2220754

Tiruchanur Road, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone: +91-877-2289802

Electricity Service in Tirupati

Tirupati provides good electricity connection to the temple and all commercial establishments. The city has a well organised electricity service and offers help in times of breakdown.

Superintending Engineer, Operation, Tirupati
Contact: 9440811750

Divisional Engineer/ Tech/ CO/ Tirupati
Contact: 9440811761

Divisional Engineer/ M & P/ Tirupati
Contact: 9440811759

Divisional Engineer/ TRE/ Tirupati
Contact: 9440811762

Divisional Engineer/ Operation/ Town/ Tirupati
Contact: 9440811754

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Telecom & IT., Tirupati
Contact: 9440817410

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Customer Services, Tirupati
Contact: 9440814263

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Protection, Tirupati
Contact: 9440811896

Asst.Divisional Engineer, HT Meters, Tirupati
Contact: 9440817430

Asst.Divisional Engineer, CT Meters, Tirupati
Contact: 9440817434

Asst.Divisional Engineer, SPM & TRE., Tirupati
Contact: 9440817436

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Coml/ CO., Tirupati
Contact: 9491052933

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Operation (Town), Tirupati
Contact: 9440811765

Asst.Divisional Engineer, CCO SD., Tirupati
Contact: 9440811771

Asst.Divisional Engineer, Computers, Tirupati
Contact: 9440811905

Asst.Divisional Engineer (Town-II), Tirupati
Contact: 9440814310

Ap Transco (Electricity Office)
Contact: +(91)-877-2284161
Address: Tirupati Ho, Tirupati - 517501

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